Attitude is the secret to win your dream job

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how to be a call center agent
February 16, 2018
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March 30, 2018
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Attitude is the secret to win your dream job

Attitude is the Secret to Win your Dream Job

Attitude is the secret to win your dream job when we are still young, someone asks you what you want to be someday?Then we will answer we want to be doctor, lawyer, president etc.. but when we get older we realized that fulfilling our dreams is very difficult to achieve. Studying in reputable universities is very expensive somebody can’t afford the expenses in getting a quality education.That’s why they are blaming poverty for not achieving their dreams.Some peoples stop dreaming because they know it will not come true.They lose hope in fulfilling their dreams, but why someone gets what they want despite lack of education. Attitude is the secret to win your dream job, it is how you present yourself.When we feed our mind with positive thoughts, we have a motivation to fulfill our dream despite many challenges we will face.

Dreaming, Believing, Planning, Motivation is a tool to be the success. The successful person has a dream and doesn’t stop believing they will get what they want, you can be distinguished them by other people who don’t have direction and no purpose in life. Successful people improve their lives and continually seeks personal and career growth.

Opportunities are everywhere, we must start to change our attitudes by correcting our mindset for example when I’m still working as field qualifier, we are looking for applicants in a call center, we approach some applicants to apply for our company but they responded “I’m not good enough for call center”,”I’m not fluent in English”.They have no confidence to apply in a call center, these are wrong mindsets and we give the impression we are not good enough for everything.We have sayings that what you say it will become a reality, that’s, why we must care what we will declare and think first what will action, must be.Attitude is the secret to win your job, we must be positive and confident to face the employer.We give them respect and impression that you are the most qualified applicants they are looking for.You must show good posture and manner during the interview.You must be honest with your answer because they will know if you are lying. You must be humble to admit you need guidance and show interest to learn and crafts your skills.

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